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Health and Safety Information

RHS Booster Club Mulch Sale

Volunteer Orientation


Thank you for volunteering to help with the mulch sale.  For many years the sale has raised thousands of dollars to help fund athletics, music, journalism, and other programs at RHS.


You are representing Rockville High School today.  So we are counting on you to stand tall, wear a smile, and demonstrate to everyone that Rockville students and parents are truly the best. Lastly, while we want you to have fun today, we insist on your safety and the safety of those around you.  So please note the following guidelines:  


The mulch sale goes on rain or shine.  Dress for the weather.  Wear a hat, gloves and sunscreen.

Wear your mulch t-shirt and wrist band until you sign-out.


Wear sturdy SHOES or BOOTS.  No sandals or flip flops.  Hazards abound: nails, splinters, wires, rocks, glass, animal waste and worse.  Students without closed shoes will be sent home.


Volunteers must WEAR SEAT BELTS at all times and may NOT ride in cargo areas of vehicles. Drivers are expected to enforce this Maryland State Law.


NO CELL PHONES or portable music devices while in the loading zone – you must be able to hear the instructions of the load team leaders and any safety warnings.  You may use phones, etc in the snack area.


Stay clear of moving vehicles, including forklifts; do not touch any moving vehicle.  


Drivers, you must take extra care at all times.  Scores of our kids are going to be here on site. Do not hurt them.  Drivers will observe a ONE WAY TRAFFIC pattern. Do not back up. Go out and around if necessary.


Do not sweep spilled mulch or debris into storm drains. 

Bend your legs when lifting; take a break if you get tired.  Pace yourself.  MULCH IS HEAVY!

Anyone over 19 should not be lifting mulch - that's what the student volunteers are for.


If you are injured, go immediately to the FIRST AID STATION where you will receive attention.


Be COURTEOUS to our customers. 

Be courteous to each other.

Take turns doing the hard jobs.


If there is a problem, call Sunil Dasgupta, the Mulch Chair, at 410-913-4272.   

The Rockville High School Booster Club Inc. is a Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) sanctioned organization.  By participating in the Mulch Sale you agree to adhere to all MCPS and Rockville High School policies, as described in the RHS Parent Handbook, located at


Additionally, you agree to hold harmless the Rockville High School Booster Club, Inc. and its officers and members in the event of any injury or loss arising out of your participation in the Mulch Sale.


Profits from the mulch sale go to support the Booster Club’s mission, which is to advance the role extracurricular activities play in the development and well-being of our students and to promote our students’ academic and athletic success, promote a positive image of Rockville High School, and to provide a safe place for parents, school staff and students to support the school’s extracurricular activities.


Thank You For Your Help 

and Continued Support!


Have fun and be safe! 



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