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Delivery and Chase Car Instructions

Thank you for volunteering. As a driver, your role is to transport mulch and supervise our student workers. They will do the lifting and carrying.  You supervise.  Please keep in mind these important safety and delivery guidelines. 


On the Road and in the Parking Lot 

Drivers, please ensure that all occupants in your vehicle wear seatbelts. 

NO ONE may ride in the cargo area of a vehicle - - it’s state law and our policy. 

There is a ONE-WAY pattern in the loading zone.  Do not back up.  If necessary, go around.  


At the Customer’s Home 

Driver will knock/ring at front door and announce delivery.

Do not wait for customer to meet you.  Begin unloading ASAP.  

We aim to please. Please follow delivery instructions on order sheet closely.

Do not block driveways, garages, walkways or gates. 

Be courteous to our customers and careful of their property. 

Count & verify delivery with the order: If there is a shortage, take a picture of the order sheet and let the dispatcher know when you return to RHS.

Leave thank-you note


Should customer have any concerns or complaints, refer customer to 

Sunil Dasgupta, Mulch Chair: 410-913-4272. 


Return promptly to RHS for another load - - we’ve got 300+ deliveries to make!  THANK YOU!   

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