RHS Mulch Sale is March 28, 2020

Order Now!

Early Bird Special - 5% off mulch ordered by 3/10/20

Home Delivery within 5 mile radius for $25

(We highly recommend delivery if you order 10 or more bags)


If you previously ordered double shredded mulch in the 3 cubic ft. bag, please be aware that we have changed our product to the 2 cubic ft. bag. 


Therefore, if you normally ordered 40 bags of double shredded mulch (40 bags*3 cubic feet=120 cubic feet) you will now need to order 60 bags of mulch (120 cubic feet\2 cubic feet= 60 bags) for the same area square footage.


Obviously the price will be less expensive per bag but we are trying to make the bags easier to carry for our families and students.


Please plan accordingly. If you have questions, please email rhsmulch@gmail.com

Thank you,

Rockville High School 
Booster Club
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